Voluma XC by Juvederm in Peoria

Voluma XC is the only Dermal Filler in Peoria that can last up to two years. As skin firmness, volume, and moisture is naturally lost during the aging process, people may need an extra boost to achieve the youthful and healthy looking skin they desire. EnteBella Medical provides the longest lasting Juvederm treatment in Peoria with Voluma XC.

Voluma XC Treatment

What is Voluma XC used for?

The Voluma XC Juvederm treatment in Peoria is an FDA approved treatment that uses Hyaluronic Acid to restore the patient's facial skin to a youthful volume. When the skin on a person’s face has a thin and sunken appearance their hyaluronic acid levels could be to blame. This substance is what gives the skin a firm and youthful appearance. Voluma XC is injected into a person’s cheeks to restore natural suppleness and restore skin to a firm and plump state within a matter of minutes.

What should you expect after your Voluma XC treatment?

The Voluma XC Juvederm treatment in Peoria has no downtime but result in slight redness, tenderness and swelling of the injection area. These symptoms can be alleviated with a simple ice pack and should completely resolve within two weeks.

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